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[at-l] Re: Just thinkin..

<< All this excitement from the class of '97 thru hikers and soon you
will all be on your way.  In a way I am very jealous.  For those out
there who have actually completed a thru hike....  I don't really know
how to phrase this, but if I ever actually decided to give it a try, I
think my attitude would be to start, with a plan for a few weeks and
just see how things went.  Maybe I'd go the distance, maybe not.  Is
important to start with the idea of finishing always on your mind?  I had
the great pleasure to hike for about a week in PA and NJ along with
Bob, the River Bum, who when he left home, told his wife he might be
back in two days or in three months.  We thought he was going off trail
in Kent, CT but from other postings on this list we learned he had made
Katahdin.  Just easy going all the way, at whatever pace he felt like. >>

I think each person has to decide for themselves, but I am planning to start
at Springer the first week in March and finish at Katahdin about 6 months
later.  There has never been any doubt in my mind that I'll finish - except
in the unfortunate event of an accident, sickness, or the like, something
totally out of my control.  It's not that I'd feel like a failure if I don't
make it - I know I will make it.  But that's me, and that's the way I
approach anything I really want.  If you need to try it a few weeks at a
time, then that's ok too.  To me, that's part of "hiking your own hike", and
"to thine own self be true".

Marty (Gypsy)

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