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Re: [at-l] beer

Phil pontificated:

<<<Just give me a pint of Guiness.... nothing like a meal in a bottle.  My
quote for beer is, "If you can't see through it, it's a start." >>>

I had a friend while at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland who became
severely anemic.  Her doctor told her that, when she went down to the pub to
drink Guinness 'cause it had a high iron content... When she went out, she
ordered a pint of the good stuff, smiling "Doctor's orders!"  Just goes to
show you, Guinness *is* good for you.

Although, I'm trying to get some friends at the local microbreweries to work
up a batch of dehydrated brew.  ;-)  Colorado Kind, just add water!

Seriously, though, I figure that by day 6, skunky Mil's Beast won't be turned
down.  ;-)

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