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[at-l] Springer Fever Game

I'm so excited to start my thru-hike, I end up sleeping on the floor of
my bedroom, next to a perfectly warm and sinfully comfy bed, just so that
I can try out the RidgeRest vs the Therm-a-Rest and kid myself into thinking
that I'm going to get my body used to sleeping on the ground so that I won't
ache so badly on the trail.

I'm so excited about buying gear for my thru-hike, I traveled to three
separate cities last week just so I could check out their outfitter stores,
even though I have every single piece of gear I need.

I'm getting so excited to leave, my co-workers have posted a countdown
board on my office and update it daily.  (I have a sneaking suspicion though
that they are actually counting down the days until they don't have to hear
me talk about the AT any more.)

If I don't leave for my thru-hike soon, I'm going to be a friendless
orphan as all of my family and friends are going to disown me on the grounds
of cruel and unusal punishment in the form of endless trail talk, gear
weight references, discussions of possible improvised trail uses of
household items, the pros/cons of fleece......

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