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Re: [at-l] lamentations

wixer@sparc.isl.net wrote:

>After the talk, it wouldn't have taken much to persuade me to hit out for 

>I believe my only cure will be to throw my
>pack in the Jeep and head north, as soon as the snow is down to ankle deep,
>and burn up some "hoofing miles".
>  Any others out there with similar aches.?  ;-(

	I'm feeling the same way, and speaking of interim activites I found out
last year that snowshoeing is also a great alternative to sitting
indoors untill spring thaw.  I can travel more trails and terrain then
when x-country skiing, and allows for all the great views that you don't
get in you're living room all winter. (a lot of stuff's white though) 
Havn't tried anything more than a few days but I'm just waiting for that
chance.... (maybe I'll just go north for spring break) 

-Chris <cac6982@rit.edu>
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