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[at-l] re: relaxed hiking for five weeks

I'm doing a three-weeker myself starting the first of May.  I've decided
to start in Hot Springs and head North to Damascus.  Any comments from
folks who have gone through this section?  Things to see etc.


Mike Said:

Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 12:13:06 -0800
From: Michael Henderson <mikeh@royalrobbins.com>
Subject: [at-l] re: relaxed hiking for five weeks

i might suggest starting at damascus and going north for five weeks.
terrain is not rugged. grayson highlands is fantastic, mcafees knob,
ridge parkway, if you get that far.  plenty of towns for resupply.

also, starting at rockfish gap going north would be nice.  SNP is easy
terrain and beautiful, harpers ferry is historic (and sentimental) and
and s. pa are easy going.

ke kaahawe
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