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[at-l] lamentations

  Last night I had the occasion to do a "show and tell" to a Boy Scout
Leaders Roundtable. Pulling this thing together really brought on a severe
trauma for me (aka Springer Fever). The leaders wanted to know about the
ins/outs of the AT, the same info that is swapped all over both these nets.
I repacked my pack to the configuration I had when I started the 100 mile
wilderness (only with four days food for demo). I had the old Peak I full
plus 8 oz spare bottle and 1 L water. I had my latest extra amenities, my
backpack Combo Spinning-Fly Rod, Fly Reel with my packable Dryflies and
selected lures. The amazing thing (to me anyway) was the weight --- 44 lb 7
oz --- (per the lobby scales at the main PO here in Rochester). 
  After the talk, it wouldn't have taken much to persuade me to hit out for
Springer. I don't think I've got "cabin fever", we've (der Frau & I) have
spent mucho time out on the XCountry slats (an excellent interim thing to to
in the winter). The skiing doesn't seem to cure itchy, crawly feet (neither
does Dr. Scholls or Micatin). I believe my only cure will be to throw my
pack in the Jeep and head north, as soon as the snow is down to ankle deep,
and burn up some "hoofing miles".
  Any others out there with similar aches.?  ;-(

    Dick & Lyn  Wix     (Where's Spring; Rochester, MN)
                 aka  "WIXeR"  AT-94  GA->ME
       We'll get there,,,, when we get there.!!" - obscure

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