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[at-l] re: out of the woodwork (into the woods)


>>It looks like I'm starting late, though, too: sometime between April 6 and
April 9.<<

nope, you'll be right in the thick of it.

>>is a down sleeping bag more trouble than it's

worth?  the precautions you have to take are not that cumbersome, and the
weight of a down bag is your reward.  HOWEVER, when i switched to a
lightweight synthetic bag in the middle of the hike, i was surprised at the
"concern" that was lifted when i didn't have to worry about down.  it was
an interesting revellation into my own psyche.

>>what exactly does one
write for the address on a package to a mail drop, and how long will it be
kept for you?<<

General Delivery
Town, St ZIP

you might also put your trail name after your real name;  always ask for
mail under you trail name too, you never know who is sending you stuff.
(assuming you have a trail name - this is not a requirement to hike the AT)
po's along the trail will usually hold a package for the entire season,
unless you request it to be forwarded.  i had two rolls of film that got
forwarded from port clinton to delaware water gap to salisbury, ct, where
it stayed for three months.  finally in november my parents received it
when it was returned to their address.

for other drops at hostels, etc, check with them on what they require and
how long they will hold.

>>how do you care for long hair on the Trail?<<

cut it off.  actually, i grew a pony tail on the trail.  most people either
cut their long hair or braid it.  hair, long or short, will get grungy; the
less you have, the less grunge you have to deal with.

>>What sort of training
regimen did you undertake, if any, to get ready for the hike (actually I think
this was a thread once, wasn't it?)?<<

yeah, this has been covered extensively.  bottom line is, no matter how
much you do before, the trail will still kick your butt when you start.
it's jsut a matter of how fast your body adjusts.  if you do no training
whatsoever, just take it slow, and fitness will come.

>>What sorts of things do people carry
for fun?<<

food.  hacky sacks are popular, so are cards.  books and pieces of books.
magazines.  your own journal.  nature guides.  small radios and earphones.
the falling rock patrol of 92 carried juggling pins and bean bags.  some
people use a frisbee as a plate, but there's not much room to throw a
frisbee along the trail (trail days and big southern balds, excepting).

good luck, wish i were going too...

ke kaahawe

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Michael Henderson		mikeh@royalrobbins.com

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. 
	- Helen Keller
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