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[at-l] Springer Fever Game

How 'bout a little game folks?

In some of my private e-mails/conversations most of the hikers can barely 
contain there excitement (or is that excrement).  So I thought we should 
share this with the group.

Here is how the game is played.  You fill in the blank.  That's it!!!!

I'm so excited to start my thru-hike, I _______________.

I'm so excited about buying gear for my thru-hike, I ______________.

I'm getting so excited to leave, my co-workers _________________.

If I don't leave for my thru-hike soon, I'll ________________.

You got the idea? I started the ball rolling.  Let's PLAY.

Goethe's First:

I'm so excited to leave on my thru-hike, I wear my hiking boots to the 
office each day no matter what the comments.  (Pretty tame I know but we're 
going for the pyrimid effect)

Goethe '97
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