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[at-l] Starting Date/ Introduction

also Re: Luker comes clean

In my defense, I've only been subscribed for a week or so, but i do plead
guilty to reading without introduction...

I've been looking for a group like this for months, but never knew where to
find it.  This is my first mailing list...  B-4 I subscribed, I thought I
didn't get enough mail.  Now my computer starts smoking and sometimes glows
red when it downloads my mailbox.


I'm planning on leaving Springer the weekend of March 22nd... anybody else?

See y'all out there

LiveShot  '97

Oh, by the way... Re: the toothpaste question.  For what it's worth, my dad's
a dentist, and I've asked him that very question before.  While it is true
toothpaste doesn't do much to remove food or plaque... it does provide your
teeth with flouride, which makes teeth much more resistant to decay.  Sure
you can live w/o toothpaste, but you may have back AND toothaches by the time
you reach Maine.  
    Attn: Proctor & Gambel and Colgate/Palmolive  
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