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Re: [at-l] Calories??

At 10:17 AM 2/7/97 PST, David Covin wrote:
>But does anybody have any evidence as to how good a plan "massive prior
>eating" is for managing the calorie load?  It seems to me that if you put
>on a spare tire, you just have to carry *that* weight with you until you burn
>it off.  Is this more efficient than carrying your food on the outside, or

I have a followup question.  I've noticed several people say that "hiker
hunger" doesn't kick in for a week or two after starting a long distance
hike.  Presumbably the body's fat reserves start getting pretty depleted at
that point, or the body finally figures out that all this exertion isn't
about to stop, or something.

This jives with my experience: on an (interrupted) 9 day hike last fall, I
ate about  1 1/2 lbs of dehydrated food per day, and lost about 10 pounds.
I was never particularly hungry.  Presumably, if I had eaten more food I
would have lost less weight.

Now for my question: I've also noticed that I CAN eat two pounds of dry
food a day.  It's not easy, but if I take my time it can be done :-)  Has
anyone tried starting a "thru hiker" diet from day one of a thru hike, and
did it make any difference the rest of your hike?

-- Jim Mayer

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