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Re: [at-l] Calories??

>the only people who eat 1200 calories a day are supermodels,
>olympic gymnasts and anybody else who wants their ribs to stick out.

Factoid o' the month: a very pregnant acquaintance of mine recently told me
that she'd read it takes 33,000 Calories to give birth.  I made suitably
appreciative choking noises.  And my fear of the nutritional requirements
of a thru-hike was put in appropriate perspective.

But does anybody have any evidence as to how good a plan "massive prior
eating" is for managing the calorie load?  It seems to me that if you put
on a spare tire, you just have to carry *that* weight with you until you burn
it off.  Is this more efficient than carrying your food on the outside, or

david covin
ga->me '97
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