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[at-l] re: unlurk, delurk, retro-lurk, lurkless, unlurkified ...


welcome, you freak!  :)

for a novice hiker, you sure seem to have the gear figured out.  you might
want to try nylon soccer type shorts instead of sweat shorts - much quicker
drying.  t-shirts are subjective.  most people i know carry one for hiking
in, and this gets extremely grotty and grungy, and one for camp
wear/towns/hitching.  as for pants, if you already have the long underwear,
all you'll really need in addition is some nylon rain/wind pants.  these
are lightweight, quick drying and keep the wind off.  you won't hike in
them too much, i bet, and if it gets too cold at camp, just hop in your
bag.  and a 22oz fuel bottle will do fine. (i started at springer with
55oz!  i learned FAST).  

you'll learn soon enough what works for you once you start, don't worry
about it.  you never know when you'll need that electron microscope, tho ...

good luck,
ke kaahawe
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