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[at-l] re: wingfoot's book

my '92 hike would not have been the same without the handbook.  i only wish
i had gotten more than a week before i left - then i would have known about
a mail drop at neal's gap :o).

there certainly were some "misrepresentations" in places, but i guess that
has to be expected considering the ever-evolving complexity of AT
logistics.  and once you start that thru hike, you realize that it makes
very little difference exactly which towns the trail passes thru, you just
want to know how far it is to a post office, any post office, and a pizza
hut, any pizza hut.  still, it can be very frustrating to rely on
information that turns out to be incorrect, and thus there is some
animosity out there towards wingfoot.  fairhope (92) really got upset
somewhere up north, and wrote copiously in the registers about "wing-nut's"
unreliability, but i noticed he continued to use the book to the end.

things change.  that is why it is so important to give feedback to dan
during and after your hike, even if it's not a thru.  i say this despite my
never having written after my own hike (my life's footpath, it seems, is
paved with good intentions that aren't transformed to actions nearly as
often as i'd like).

hey bamaman - i'd be willing to start an ARHC-West chapter, but send me the
by-laws first.

ke kaahawe

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