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[at-l] RE: Out of the woodwork

You wrote:
 But what I'd really like to ask the list are weirdo questions,
like: how do you care for long hair on the Trail?  What sort of training
regimen did you undertake, if any, to get ready for the hike?

Both Rootboy & I have long hair, just pull it back & wash it in town. I'm
not worried about it (yet).  As for training I live 5 minutes away from the
Old Dominion University stadium, walking the steps with my pack WOULD be a
great routine, but I have chosen a slighty diffrent route.... I EAT and I
mean REALLY EAT.  I have been training extensively since Thanksgiving,  I
trained three times on Thanksgiving day alone.  Storing up an energy
reserve is something a lot of people overlook, many people I've talked too
have claimed losing 50# or 60# on the trail. Your appetite increases to
unimaginable proportions ( 5,000 calories a day - for those of you who
don't count calories normal people eat about 1200 - 1600 calories a day).
I think my wife is ready for me to leave, at least she will be able to have
food in the apartment again.  See you at the dinner table!!

From this world to the next,
and from the next back to this.
By our actons we are bound.
If you can't change the world,
change yourself.
And if you can't change yourself then...
Change your world.

GA->ME '97
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