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[at-l] rock-climbing/raw-hands

mike henderson writes:
 > as far as treatment - the udder creme was a good suggestion.  you can also
 > get a lanolin product for horses hooves that's really effective.  don't
 > know the name, tho.  otherwise, heavy duty hand lotion is your best bet.
 > that will help the skin, anyway.  the tenderness you just have to wait for.
 >  if your hands aren't used to it, the nerves can take a bit of a beating,
 > especially in the finger tips, and may take a few days to recover.  if you
 > continue to climb, your hands will acclimate just fine.

   I think the lanolin product you are referring to is called bag-balm.
I'm not sure, but the name sticks out in my mind....
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