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[at-l] Trail Expectations - Brushy Mountain(s)

In your response to Firefly, you included the following comment,

"We never tired of the trail - no long green tunnel for us folks (well, maybe 
a few too many Brushy Mtns.!)."

This reminds me of a humorous and all too true quote that I found the week
before Christmas 1985 in the register at Pine Swamp Branch Shelter north of 
Pearisburg, VA.  

At that time, the shelter did not have a floor other than the inch-thick layer 
of loose, dusty, dirt.  And though one can never be sure that one has 
successfully negotiated the last Brushy Mountain on the AT until you are well 
into New England (exaggeration, but only slightly so), it seems at that point 
that you have finished with Brushy Mountain(s).  None of them are particularly 
strenuous climbs, but you just get tired of looking at the maps, Data Book, 
Trail Guide(s), etc. and seeing the words Brushy Mountain for your next little 
I have fondly recalled that register entry at various times along the trail.
At other times when tasks just seem to go on and on forever, I repeat it to my
self and chuckle.  That generally brings things into perspective and I feel
better, knowing that I have climbed Brushy Mountain.  Every damned one of them!

Oliver (Yep, I did the AT) Twist
The quote:

"If I've climbed it once, I've climbed it ten.            
Don't ever want to climb Brushy Mountain Again."
				- The Brothers of The Dust
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