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[at-l] out of the woodwork (into the woods)

Hi, I'm Dave, and I'm a lurker.

Actually, I got on this list about 6 months ago, and was so intimidated by
the thought that everybody had their '97 hikes all planned out down to the
last maildrop already that I waited until last month to do much of the serious
planning for mine. :)

It looks like I'm starting late, though, too: sometime between April 6 and
April 9.  And I'll be trying to log in from the Trail using a wearable 
computer; so if you meet a late northbounder with weird gadgetry it might be

I'm still filled with serious questions of the sort this list seems to 
concern itself with, like: is a down sleeping bag more trouble than it's
worth?  And trivial, easily-answered questions like: what exactly does one
write for the address on a package to a mail drop, and how long will it be
kept for you?  But what I'd really like to ask the list are weirdo questions,
like: how do you care for long hair on the Trail?  What sort of training
regimen did you undertake, if any, to get ready for the hike (actually I think
this was a thread once, wasn't it?)?  What sorts of things do people carry
for fun?

I'd like to thank everyone on the list for a lot of informative threads so
far, and good luck to the other '97 hikers!

david covin
ga->me '97
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