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[at-l] Trail Expectations

At 06:30 AM 2/7/97 -0500, you wrote:
.  Most of the successful (made it
>Maine) hikers I knew went into each day with the expectation
>only that it would be new.  
>GA -> ME '96

I agree - each day was a new day with new sights to see, people to meet,
weather to endure/enjoy,physical challenges to overcome. We never tired of
the trail - no long green tunnel for us folks (well, maybe a few too many
Brushy Mtns.!).  I will say that having spent the last 25 years stuck behind
a desk made it even sweeter, but that doesn't really matter - as Firefly
says just don't expect anything - just take it as it comes your way!
(another reason not to get too stuck into your schedule - leave yourself a
bit of room for serendipity!)


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