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[at-l] RE:lurker

You wrote:
>Single set of cheap plastic fork, knife, spoon (REI permaware)
>Swiss army knife (the one with the mini blow torch and electron
>		  microscope. I'm thinking of leaving this one behind
>		  and just taking:
>Small single blade knife. Weights about as much as 2 quarters. 

	Lose the fork & knife, all you need is a spoon.  Why bring two knives?
Bring the lighter one.

>pants (I'm at a loss here, well, that is, I have pants, but I don't know
>   what kind to bring. There must be something better than sweat
>   pants. They have to be some kind of irrational faux pas, but I
>  don't know... polypropylene pants?)

	What about fleece pants?  Leave the sweat pants at home (at least you
weren't thinking of taking blue jeans!!) COTTON KILLS!!  Good luck!

From this world to the next,
and from the next back to this.
By our actons we are bound.
If you can't change the world,
change yourself.
And if you can't change yourself then...
Change your world.

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