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[at-l] Mr. Bruce's Trail Guide

Re: Some specifics.

Subject:  Mr. Bruce's Trail Guide


You asked for some specific errors I have found in Mr. Bruce's Guide.

I wrote to Mr. Bruce about several inconsistencies I noted during my last AT hike.
His somewhat defensive reply stated, in so many words, that I was wrong and his guide
was right. Well, he's been there and I haven't.  

So let me have your opinion. Here's an example: 

On page 144 of Mr. Bruce's 1996 guide, (or same reference in 95 guide), compare
its information with the official AT Map of MASS and CONN, Section 1 from Vermont
border to Dalton, MA.

At the Northern base of Mt. Greylock, going south to north, the AT Map shows the AT going 
through a small town called "Greylock," crossing MA Rt. 2, then across the Hoosic River, 
and on to Vermont. Williamstown is shown about 3 miles (according to the scale on the map)
West of Greylock (the town) along Rt. 2, but the AT map does not show the AT going through 
Williamstown!  The AT map also shows "Braytonville" to the right of the trail, but does
not show "North Adams." 

Mr. Bruce shows a map of the same area at the Northern base of Mt. Greylock, but the
adjacent town is identified as "North Adams, MA," and the overall box is idendified as
"Williamstown, MA." Mr. Bruce doesn't even mention a town called "Greylock." And the 
Hoosic river is the "Hoosac" River. In the narrative on page 143, he says North Adams is 
"Right - 2.5 miles." In the narrative on Williamsburg, he says Williamsburg is "1.5 
miles from the trail," but his own map shows it is 1.5 miles to the shopping center
and about twice that to Williamsburg?

Perhaps I expect too much for my $13.50, but such errors are representative, show a disregard 
for detail, and tend to accumulate.  

In his response to me, Mr. Bruce was adamant that the AT goes through Williamstown,
even though he states that Williamstown is "1.5 miles from the trail," and 
his own map shows that it is about 3 miles from the trail.  You may also note in his
responses elsewhere a tendency to "Clintonize" his role and  "attack the messenger."
I'm sure he laughs all the way to the bank.  

Have you hiked that area?  Has the trail been relocated or town names changed?
Is the AT Map wrong?


Big E