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[at-l] Hiking & Spirituality

I just read the info at <http://www.fred.net/kathy/request.txt> regarding
the fellow who's doing a thesis on the "state of nature in Contemporary
America" and the whole concept of "getting back to nature." 

I've always considered myself Christian but never been a churchgoer (not
since parents dragged me there, pre-teen days). It seems one of the few
places I find a sense of peace and appreciation for God's handiwork is in
the woods. The longer I'm out, the more I feel it. I suppose part of the
reason I want to do the AT is tied up in spiritual questions left
unanswered...why I am here...why is life finite...what is my role in the
universe...what happens when I die... Big stuff. And the only place I seem
to connect with those spiritual questions is outdoors.

A local (Pittsburgh-area) woman's magazine asked me to write an article this
month on woman's viewpoints on how time "in the woods" or "on the trail"
refreshes their emotional well-being. If any of you ladies out there have
comments on the subject, I'd be happy to hear them (I'll listen to you guys
too, but can't use your quotes<G>). Typical writer's dilemma: since it's not
a personal essay, I can't put much of my own viewpoint and philosophy into
it, I have to rely on others for quotes.

Busy list this week! Springer Fever! I know I can't get my nose out of the
books and catalogs!

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