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[at-l] Pack Weight

Michael MacLean wrote:
 And I may paraphrase ..."not everyone seems to be caught up in the weight 
of packs."

I certainly hope not!  Each time I get caught up in some of these 
discussions (which I admit I enjoy immensely - thanx Ryan & Milt) I try to 
think about those hikers from the past, who have passed on, laughing from 
above as I fret about whether to take parachute cord at .5oz or "splurge" 
and take nylon cord at .75oz.  It does wonders for ones perspective.

O-BTW I'm going up to my Dad's Hardware store in Oostburg, WI this weekend 
to buy the nylon cord (they've never heard of parachute cord).

I wish to add, I also respect each hiker's hike, including how they plan for 
it, and I appreciate all of your advice.

CU on the AT
Goethe '97
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