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[at-l] re: rock climbing / raw hands

jason -

some background first.  do you climb regularly, or was this your first time
in a while?  if you haven't been climbing alot, then raw, chapped hands can
be expected (we're not talking bloody here, just red, tender, dry skin
flaking off), especially if you were there a long time.  just goes with the
territory.  i got a similar result when laying my brick patio.  if you
start to climb regularly, say more than once a week or two, your hands will
callous up and the problem should go away.

if you are a regular climber, and/or the rawness was more extreme than
described above, i wonder if there is a problem with the holds in that gym.
 i don't know much about the manufacturing of these artificial holds, but
maybe they're treated or painted or finished with something that you
reacted to?  maybe they were extra sharp (rejects maybe?), but usually
those are pretty smooth, and you get some pretty sharp natural rock anyway.
 my hands are always more beat up after being on real rock.

as far as treatment - the udder creme was a good suggestion.  you can also
get a lanolin product for horses hooves that's really effective.  don't
know the name, tho.  otherwise, heavy duty hand lotion is your best bet.
that will help the skin, anyway.  the tenderness you just have to wait for.
 if your hands aren't used to it, the nerves can take a bit of a beating,
especially in the finger tips, and may take a few days to recover.  if you
continue to climb, your hands will acclimate just fine.

good luck, don't let this deter you...

ke kaahawe

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