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Re: [at-l] Re: film on disk

After being a lurker for a month or so, finally a topic I feel "qualified"
to help.  The scanners at Kodak or Seattle are a much higher quality than
what you would purchase for $1000+  Some other things to consider.

1)  What is your end purpose: To put the pictures on a web page, to use in a
publication, or something else.  If you are looking at putting pictures on
the web, the "experts" recommend keeping the file size down to 40K or less.
To do this you will end up reducing your pictures to 72dpi (dots per inch)
due to monitor resolution and often reduce the number of colors.  If you are
looking at a print publication - the higher the resolution the better.

2)  The breakeven point does not consider the time involved (as mentioned).
Scanning 2000+ slides would take a lot of time - even with automatic slide
loaders.  You can average scanning around 1 slide a minute with a automatic
loader - but that is without making adjustments to color, hue, etc.  Some
times I spend over an hour just to get the right picture.

3)  Then you always have your computer costs - you may need to upgrade your
computer to handle the large files.

When it comes to large amount of slides (100+), I have found it more cost
effective to use a vendor.  The Walmart here will send pictures to be
pressed by a Kodak Photo-CD vendor for $1.00/slide plus $15 for media.

If you just need a few pictures scanned, I would be willing to help out.  I
have all the equipment in my office.  Just send me e-mail.

-- john

At 11:22 AM 2/6/97 EST, Walt Daniels wrote:
>It is not just the cost of the scanner!
>Do it yourself option assuming you already have a PC:
>Nikon or Minolta scanner - $1000+
>CD Rom burner - $500
>Adobe Photoshop (for retouch) $500
>Media $7-8 each
>At a commercial cost of $1 per slide the breakeven point is 2000+ slides.
>I think the commercial scanners are better than the ones mentioned above.
>Don't forget to include your time. If your machine does not have 64M or
>so, the time to load the giant pictures for retouch is LONG.

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