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Re: [at-l] Sleeping pads

> Sandra Downs wrote:
> > 
> > Just wondering what best to "tie down" my 3/4 Thermarest with so I can hang
> > it from the pack or stuff it inside? I tried a bungee cord but the sharp
> > ends looked like they'd make short work of the pad. Suggestions?

Raven answered:
> REI sells flat webbing with the plastic buckles on them - similar to the
> straps you find all over a pack. I was thinking of using this and
> tightening the strap to keep my thermarest from unrolling, or
> alternatively, making a small stuff sack to mush it into.
Thermarest makes stuff sacks for their matresses.  I use one on the theory
that the weight is worth keeping it safe during my hike. I strap it using
the flat web straps to the fittings on the top of my pack.  The flat straps
btw are lighter than bungee cord and if a buckle breaks you can just tie
them in a knot
Per Campmor catalogue (New Year 97) page 84 there are 10 different ones 
made specifically for Staytek, Ridge Rest and Z-Rest.  Price range is from
6 to 8 dollars and weight from 1 oz to 2.5 oz.
For those who don't already have it:
Campmor 800-campmor (226-7667)

happy trails
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