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RE: [at-l] film on disk

>	I just got reply from Seattle Film Works, also Walmart. Either place
>will make prints and slides and digitize your pictures from 
>ANY FILM. So you can use a good slide film of your choice, have excelent
>slides and prints.

> Kodak is expensive ($1.19 per negative) unless you bring in unprocessed
> film and have the roll put on disk as well as the normal prints. I have
> received different quotes on this, the best being 4.99 (24) - 5.99 (36).
> Shop around, no mailer available - just bring to camera store.

The best solution I've found so far is to convert slides to Photo-CD.  I don't 
believe that Kodak does this directly but there are a number of companies
around the country that perform the service.  Which ever service you use,
they get their scanners from Kodak.

When not reading email or getting prepared to hike this summer. I do 
a fair amount of multimedia programming and generally we convert either 
slide film or standard film to Photo-CD. 

I prefer Photo-CD to other formats I've seen.  Each image is scanned in
five different resolutions.  The higher resolutions can be printed on linotypes
with excellent quality.  Also if your doing much cropping, you can start
with a higher resolution and cut out the area of interest with and still maintain
reasonable resolution. My current computer background is a 1280x1024 full
color view off the summit of Katahadin.

Photo-CD's can be read directly from Adobe PhotoShop or a number of other programs.  
After use PhotoShop for a while I've switched to the new Image editor that ships with 
Microsoft FrontPage '97.  Another excellent imaging package is Paint Shop Pro V4.
It is a shareware package an can be downloaded.

Cost for Photo-CD's (in the Portland, OR area) range in price from $.69 to $1.50 
per slide plus a $15 charge for the medium.  The price seems to vary on quality
of the scan.  The more expensive charge is for color correction on each scan.  I can
generally do my own correction in software.  Small lots (fewer slides) will also 
cost more.

We went through about 600 slides and boiled them down to 200 ( or 2 CD's). 
We chose the lower cost option and the cost for 1 full CD was just over $70.
(discount for 50 or more slides).  

I've considered buying a digital camera for this summer, however the only camera
I like so far cost $1000.  Plus the additional 1 to 4 meg memory modules, needed on a 
longer trips are extra.  Also the resolution is still not all that great.  It's fine for 
web site development but I wouldn't blow it up much.

So I decided to purchase another small camera and some slide film.  Once I've
converted the pictures I like to CD, I can print them out on the Color printer to 
get hard copies to pass around.

Ron Moak

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