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[at-l] film on disk

>	I just got reply from Seattle Film Works, also Walmart. Either place
>will make prints and slides and digitize your pictures from 
>ANY FILM. So you can use a good slide film of your choice, have excelent
>slides and prints.

We used Seattle Film Works while we were on the trail. When we returned
home we had some additional negatives put on disk by Kodak. The image quality
>from Kodak was much superior even when using a negative developed by

Kodak is expensive ($1.19 per negative) unless you bring in unprocessed
film and have the roll put on disk as well as the normal prints. I have
received different quotes on this, the best being 4.99 (24) - 5.99 (36).
Shop around, no mailer available - just bring to camera store.

I have compared the same negative from Seattle and Kodak and I will only
use Kodak in the future.

I have only tried Seattle & Kodak.

Hey Mark - I have a picture of the Inn on disk.

Rich & Kath
Download & Nexmo
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