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Re: [at-l] Bakepacker


You wrote

>I too have an ultralite bakepacker, but I thought it said not to
>try to cook meat or anything with liquid in the plastic bags...

The instructions say not to cook liquid foods and gives as examples thin 
soup, broth. coffee, tea etc. The thicker things with liquid do fine. 
We've used canned chili and stew with Bisquick biscuits on top. 
The booklet gives a recipe for rice which uses more than a cup of water. 
I guess if the liquid gets absorbed it's OK. It does say not to lift the 
bag with these kinds of items in it--too dangerous.

I didn't see any recipes for just meat by itself, but there's a recipe 
for fish and canned stew, so meat in things must be OK.

Your pizza sounds great--and much easier than one in the booklet. We're 
going to try it. 

I'll think more about some of the things we've done and send recipes if 
you like.

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