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[at-l] re: trail magic

>>Let's hear about the bunkhouses and hostiles and motels and B&B's ...<<

the only hostile i met was a guy in PA on top of a mtn with an assortment
of automatic and semiautomatic weapons and a dirt bike, scowling as we
walked by;  not a warm, friendly experience.

all the hostels i stayed at were great, including neal's gap, rainbow
springs, jesuit hostel in HS, nolichucky campground, the place, rusty's,
blackburn, bear's den, dahlgren campground, pine grove furnace, some guy in
boiling springs, the doyle for lunch, bleu blaze, 501, port clinton,
eckville, palmerton police station, church of the mountain, graymoor, rph
cabin, upper goose pond cabin, manchester center zion church, the
killington pub for lunch, dartmouth gym for showers, atwell hilton (don't
know if this still exists - we "used" the condemned building in 92, still
had hot water), pinkham notch camp, gorham barn, pine ellis b&b, stratton
motel, harrisons, and shaws.     

whew! not exactly roughing it...

ke kaahawe
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