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[at-l] Mail delivery and full mailboxes

Ryan, Read through this and let me know what you think. 


Hello Hikers,

Part of what Ryan and I do on a day to day basis is monitor the status of
mail delivery to all of the recipents on the list. When delivery to any
mail address fails we get an email message from the list server about
informing us of the problem. Reasons for mail delivery failures include
traffic and congestion on the internet, user's account at the ISP has been
closed, mailbox is full and so one. 

Traffic, congestion, and ordinary internet delays are usually cleared up
and the mail is eventually delivered (somewhat late). What raises a flag
for us are the "mailbox full" and "user unknown" problems. The "user
unknown"  condition is easily corrected by us as we simply remove that
member from the list. The "mailbox full" problem is a bit stickier as we
would like to assume the condition will be corrected, eventually.
Meanwhile, our incoming mail is growing at an enourmous rate. I recently
had 1700+ email error messages to wade through... 

To help control this situation we would like everyone to know that while
we really, really love having you on the list, if your mailbox is full for
more than a few days, we may have to remove you from the list. If this
happens you'll have to resubscribe to the list again as we will have no
way to know when the condition will be corrected. Unforetunately, there
would be no way to tell you about this since you mailbox is full.


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