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[at-l] Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! Etc.

To all you '97er's........
I want to extend my wishes for you to have a great thru-hike!  I haven't been
sending many messages to the at-l as I am quite busy with getting our move to
North Carolina off the ground. I hope to be living near Hot Springs as of May
'97.  Most of you will be past there by then, but maybe I'll get to see a few
of you later starters.  When I have a phone number I will try and be sure
that someone in Hot Springs has it (the most obvious would be Wingfoot). I
don't know how much hiking I will be getting in this Spring due to all this
moving business.  If anyone feels like moving furniture, let me know :-))

Take care, and have a VERY memorable and GREAT time!

Illinois Flatlander
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