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Re: [at-l] Favorite Breakfasts?

> >It's also nice to occasionally take enough bacon with you from a resupply
> >for a couple of day's breakfasts.
> Anyone have any experience on who long bacon keeps on the trail?  Would
> other meats, like ham say, do better?  (Fresh we're talking about here, not
> canned).

I've found that bacon will keep just fine for two days, given that it doesn't 
get too warm. The salt curing preserves it quite well. If the weather is hot, 
store it in the middle of your pack with some insulation (clothing, etc) 
wrapped around it.

I also often take a whole, or part of a whole, salami with me for lunch/dinner 
when backpacking, and that will keep even longer. I don't know exactly how long 
it will last because I always manage to eat it all up after only a couple of 
days! Others I know prefer summer sausage, which also keeps just fine for at 
least a few days.

Michael Connick
GA->ME on the Appalachian Trail in 98!

E-mail: Michael_Connick@clrmnt.com
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