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[at-l] For the record

In what I consider to be an amazing chain of events, it has been brought
to my attention that some folks out there may be misunderstanding some
things. Please allow me to set things straight.

1. The fiction: The only thing true is that my stove looks like a bomb.
2. The dogs: No, I've never had two dogs, a long rope and a vat of beans
together. I don't know anyone who has. The humor was to be found in the
absolute absurdity of it.
3. Gutsy: If any of you had any sort of an inkling that anything on any
sexual level happened between Gutsy and I, I apologize. Nothing could be
farther from the truth. I did not imply that I ever saw Gutsy nude, or
vice versa. I do not recall saying anything that would have led to that
conclusion. The only time sex was brought up, to the best of my memory,
was when Gutsy told me that there would be none. I had expected none.
We hiked together, and I enjoyed it. Period.

Please, send complaints directly to me. There's no need to clutter this
list up with inanity.


It ain't much, but try http://members.tripod.com/~Felixhikes/index.html
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