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Re: [at-l] Introduction

James P. Jim Lynch wrote:
> >that probably only 20% of the people on this list were contributing, the
> >remainder were lurking.
> I'm not real sure that this is 'bad.'  The other 80% are probably getting
> something from the list that is useful and positive to them.  When they jump
> in, it'll be great, no doubt!  (but if its average like the rest of us,
> thats fine too!!!)...

I don't think even 10% are contributing....I get nightly emails of 
thanks for the Shakespeare quotes, some of them very emotional. All of 
them let me know it is ok to continue....some people have personal 
problems which are eased by the quotes I send.

Other people are too shy to post and others are too busy at work. And if 
the authorities aren't watching, then they aren't doing their 
job....some people are filling their notebooks for the trail....

There is graduate material here....and for the record, I would never 
give out the name or address of a lurker who contacts me....

ALL the quotes, original poems, stories, etc are very much appreciated 
by everybody I hear from......

I wish I knew a better word than 'lurker', but the email I get privately 
makes me feel really good.....


       Doug Gibbons, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland        
        '...lowliness is young ambition's ladder.'
	 (Brutus in Julius Caesar [Shakespeare])
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