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[at-l] Bare Naked Rednecks ! ! !

Bamaman's Clip and Save Helpful Hints #23.1

     Things Not To Say When Meeting Bare Naked Rednecks On The Appalachian

1.  Hey that's a nice lookin hiking stick big guy.

2.  Hey wait a few minutes guys, my wife will be here in a minute. 

3.  Are you guys staying at Gooch Gap Shelter tonight too?

4.  That therma-rest looks just like the one I lost a couple of days ago !

5.   Nice tattoo design, where's Folsom and who's Butch ?

6.  Damm. I left that bag of jerky back in the Toyota in the parking lot and
I have three more days to go !

7.  Lets see I think I've got something for that heat rash.

8.  Looks like it's gonna pour buckets any minute, I'm glad I brought my 4
person dome tent !

9.  Okay, your Billy Bob, your Bobby Lee, and you must be Billy Lee - Are
you guys brothers ?

10. Everclear ?  Is that like white gas?

The Bamaman AT '81 ( yes, 1981 when real rednecks wore clothes and real
hikers ate cold chili-mac with beef for breakfeast )

David S. Severance
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