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Re: [at-l] Re: hike-naked?

-- [ From: Kurtis Kirsch * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

New morality?  I guess you were asleep during the 60's!  Check out the
Woodstock Movie, and you will see the parents of todays youths, gettin'
naked, free lovin', boozin' and druggin'.  AIDS killed free love, the
drinking age is now 21, there's a war on drugs, all that's left for todays
youth to do is to get naked and listen to cool tunes.  

Since I have taken myself out of the reproductive pool, I'll never have a
daughter.  I do have a neice though, and I would rather her to grow up
thinking that the human body is a thing of beauty, and that there is no
shame in see someone in the nude, or in being nude.  

As for nude hiking being a male macho thing, I never saw a nude women hiker,
however I know a female hiker from 96 that bared her breasts in order to
hitch a ride into town to resupply.  There is no innate shame in being
naked, the shame is part of your socialization.  A babies first response is
not to cover it's "Private Parts" (a quick plug for Howard's movie).  The
shame in being naked is taught, despite what is says in Genesis.  I
wouldn't hike naked myself, not out of shame, but out of protection from
overgrown trails, poison ivy, bugs, the frequency of me falling down . . .

Oh no!  I'm typing this in the nude close your eyes!  It's to late, I've
been naked the whole time ;^)

		have fun, and don't look in the mirror after gettin' out of the shower,


There were days,
there were days,
there were days, I know.
When all we ever wanted,
was to learn and love and grow.
When we grew into our shoes,  
we told them where to go.
Walked halfway around the world,
on promise of the glow
Stood upon a mountain top.
Walked barefoot in the snow.
Gave all we had to give,  
how much we'll never know, . . . . never know.
                                 Robert Hunter           

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