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[at-l] re: hiking naked

Big E wrote:
>>Is not naked hiking almost strictly a male ego/macho thing?  Is it not
a form of sexual abuse?  Have you ever seen women hiking naked?<<

nah, it's usually for fun, trying something new.  (but from all accounts,
it is male dominated).  ed garvey ran abreast (his words, not mine!) of two
topless women hikers in 1970.  in 92, i hiked with someone who was
compiling a nude calendar for his girlfriend... he had nude pictures from
every state, in all kinds of weather.

we hiked with him from the whites north, and it got to the point where at
every breathtaking view, we'd all stop for a group nudie photo (4 men, 2

finally, on the penultimate day, we decided we wanted to try hiking naked,
just to see what it was like.  so for three miles from the penobscot to
daicey pond we did.  we were all very comfortable with each other, and very
self conscious about meeting other hikers.  our shorts were readily
accessible, and if we saw someone coming, we'd tuck them under the front of
our waist belts.  from the front, you couldn't tell.  the women had
bandanas tied to a shoulder strap, and just drew it over and tucked it
under the other strap.  as long as they didn't look back at us, you
couldn't be offended (except by your own thoughts).  we ran into one
couple, and one family.

my main concern was rubbing.  but after 2100 miles, there was nothing to
worry about.  and boy, was it cool and refreshing!  wish we had tried it
earlier on the really muggy days.

on the summit of katahdin the next day, in the presence of a few stunned
day hikers, ten of us took ten separate group nudeys around the sign, in 40
degrees and swirling fog.  it's one of my favorite pictures of the hike.

anyway, i'd never try hiking naked out here in the sierras, for reasons
already posted, and it would probably take another AT thru hike with a
close bunch of hikers for me to have the courage to try it again anyway!

for all you 97ers, just something to bare in mind...

ke kaahawe

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