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[at-l] Nature Guides

Linda Patton and I had been talking back and forth regarding
nature guide books.  I had found a nice size book called the
Winter Tree Finder at an EMS store.  I wrote to the address listed
on the inside of cover and I requested a catalog of the publisher's
offerings.  I received a small flyer that listed many other similar
books geared specifically for the East Coast.  They were only
$3 each and covered birds, flowers, berries, ferns, trees, and
and a couple of other areas.  I ordered a couple of them and plan
to send them to myself along the trail and switch back and forth
between guide books so I can add a little bit of education and variety
to my hike.  I got an accurate weight on the Winter Tree Finder--
only 1.8 ounces!  I'm hoping that all of the other books are
similarly sized.

If anybody else is interested in this series, I can get the
address and post it for you.


"Solophile"  GA-->ME  '97
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