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[at-l] RE: parachute cord

Real parachute cord has a braided outer sheath and several twisted nylon
strings inside.  It's _very_ stretchy.  Fake parachute cord has parallel
fibers inside the sheath, is less flexible, and stretches less.

"Accessory cord" is available where climbing rope is sold.  It usually has
brilliant colors, a sheath more coarsely-woven than parachute cord,
parallel fibers inside, minimal stretch, and is available in several
diameters.  It's considrably more expensive than mil-surplus parachute cord.

Cord with little stretch is preferable for many applications, e.g.
clotheslines.  A nice thing about parachute cord is that you can take it
apart if you need some smaller string.

I've read that anthropologists consider the invention of string more
important than the invention of the wheel.  Considering its many uses, I
must agree.

  -- Frank     reid@indiana.edu

PS - Thanks to all who posted poems!
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