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[at-l] Re: Body found in SNP

Could anyone provide a little more info on this for us on ATML (that is,
what Marshall is referring to)?  Appreciated.  Thanks


On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Marshall DeBerry wrote:

> >Where is this in relation to the murders last May?  Is it time to blue blaze on
> >Skyline Drive past this area?  Maybe we need escorts in this area?  This is not
> >happy stuff!!!
> From what has been stated to date, it appears that the body was found
> north of Compton Gap, which is where the AT crosses the Skyline Drive
> for the last time going north.  The murders of Julie and Lollie that
> occurred last May happened near Skyland, which is in the Central District
> of the park.  This is about 50 miles south of Front Royal.
>                                          Marshall
>                                          "Tarkus"

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