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[at-l] Sleeping Pads

   I've used a Z-rest by thermarest for the northern 500 miles of the AT
and it proved to be an excellent companion at night.   Whether sleeping
on the baseball bat platforms, uneven rocky outcrops, firetowers,
beaches, or the leaf-covered forest floor I was always comfortable.  My hike was through August and September, so I never had a chance to see how
it insulated.  Last night, however, upon the completion of my poor-man's
igloo, I slept on a bed of snow with only The Z-rest between me and the
ground,  With only a 20 degree down bag I was really impressed with the
fact that I was not cold.  In fact, several times I had to undo the bag
to let cool aire in!  Now with this knowledge I'm considering hiking
Michigan's shore to shore trail before the snow departs for another 7
months.   Any suggestions or hints on winter hiking (w/ dog and
snowshoes or X-country skis)?

Grayling, MI
ME-VT '96
GA-ME '98?
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