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Re: [at-l] Parachute Cord

Any drop zone will have a roll of parachute line for repairs and I'm sure
they would be willing to sell or give you some cord.  Might have to make a
jump while you're there, though.  Personally I use 2mm perlon for hiking- I
like my parachute too much to be cutting the lines.    E-mail me in private
and I can find you a drop zone nearby.  

Skydivers know why birds sing.  Jason   Curious George GA>ME '97

>PC is just what its name implies, its the cord thats used in parachutes.
>I've never seen it in a store not attached to a parachute.  Its truly great
>stuff.  I used to skydive and had some old chutes that I cut the cord off
>of.  Its made of several (about 20) small (but very strong) 'threads'
>surrounded by a sleeve, all made of super strong material (don't know what
>it is, but I think its man-made).  Find an old parachute and 'make your
>own.'  Definitely good stuff, but probably overkill for most hiking uses.
>>What is parachute cord and where do you buy it?  It sounds
>>like that's what a lot of people are carrying with them and
>>I just have no idea where I would purchase it.
>>What are some of the other types of cord that people are using
>>for hanging food bags and other miscellaneous camp things.  I know
>>Brent mentioned brick mason's line.  Is this stuff thick enough not
>>to cut your hands open when you're pulling your bag up a tree?
>>Anybody else have suggestions on a lightweight but strong cord to carry?
>>"Solophile"  GA-->ME  '97

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