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RE: [at-l] A pack weight plea

-- [ From: Kurtis Kirsch * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

>Yes you wear boots everyday, but what if you discovered that a pair
weighing 2 lbs less than the ones you >have now would do the same job and
fit just as well..

I own two pairs of boots Vasque Sundowners and Vasque SuperHiker II's, and
when I hike with more than twenty pounds on my back, I wear the heavier
boots, the SuperHikers.  Support is my main consideration, not weight. 
This is my personal choice.  I have hiked with 45 lbs. on my back with my
smaller lighter Sundowners, and they just don't cut it for me.  With the
SukerHikers weighing 2 lb 12oz. (Vasque weight, not mine), I don't think
that 12 oz boots would do the job.  Since there is no way I'm bare foot
hiking, I really can't see any anyway to cut weight for foot protection,
because I see my boot weight as a neccessity.  Since I am a relatively
modest man (read this as: ' since I have a small penis . . . .'), I
consider clothing a neccessity.  I have the lightest weight clothes that I
can afford, for outdoor clothing, considering the conditions that I
sometimes in.  No more weight saving possible.  Which only leaves the
weight on my back, from which to cut weight.  

One can do without a stove and fuel, a water filter, a sleeping pad, a tent
and ground cloth, the extra fleece sweater, the camera and film, the
journal, the guide books and maps, the pen, the toothbrush and toothpaste,
the Dr. Bonners, the camp shoes, the walkman, the first aid kit, the pack
towel, the novel, the flashlight, the lighter(s), the knife, the candle, .
. . . and this is just some of the extraneous stuff that I carry with me
that I could do without.  My clothes and boots are my second skin, not

Are you shaving off all of your hair in an effort to save a few oz.'s off
of your "total" weight? ;^)

		have fun,


There were days,
there were days,
there were days, I know.
When all we ever wanted,
was to learn and love and grow.
When we grew into our shoes,  
we told them where to go.
Walked halfway around the world,
on promise of the glow
Stood upon a mountain top.
Walked barefoot in the snow.
Gave all we had to give,  
how much we'll never know, . . . . never know.
                                 Robert Hunter           

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