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[at-l] Backpacking Ovens

Whew!  If it takes this long to read all your guys' stuff after a week out of
town, imagine how long it's gonna take in October!  ;-)  I hate to miss any
of your posts, though, so keep 'em comin'!

My question (finally):
Lately I've seen mention of the various backpacker's ovens...  I'd love to be
able to make some basic baked goods along the Trail, but I'm sort of a boil
and sit kind of camp cook (cous-cous and instant rice, etc.)... Is the extra
fuel it takes to bake stuff a concern?  I'm not familiar with the exact
design of these bakers; coud you use the water in the bottom of the pot to
cook something else as well?  Just curious.  Thanks,

Boulder, CO
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