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[at-l] Stephenson tents

>On the subject of Stephenson tents...  how are they in terms of ventilation 
>on a hot summer's night?

Stephensons are great for ventilation(see note). Like solophile we have the side
windows on our Stephenson and love them. Since I saw a few more comments
about Stephensons here are a couple of notes; (these are on the 'R'  version)
Stephensons vent well and don't have a problem with condensation PROVIDED
you read and follow Jack's instruction sheet (mostly tells you how to provide adequate
flow thru ventilation using the upper and lower vents ,the side windows and the rock bags).
Jack is really a good guy, I have talked to him a number of times, very fascinating
person, BUT don't call him if you haven't read your instruction sheet that comes
with your tent. As an example I know someone who seam sealed his Stephenson
with either Seam grip or Seam sealer (can't remember which)  but either is a NO NO for
a Stephenson. (you have to use silicone , if anyone is really interested I will get the brand )
Jack not to politely explained there was no problem with the tent, but maybe my friend
should consider a remedial reading course. But that is just the way Jack is. If you have a
real problem with his stuff he will bend over backwards to help you out. 

erehwon  and  erehwyna

ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 2,479 hours 45 minutes )

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