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Re: [at-l] Re: Food

Sandra Downs wrote:
> Question for the knowledgable...
> If I go to a grocery store and buy meat to add to my backpacker's dinners,
> what are my options? If I buy cans of tuna, chicken, etc...will they keep
> for 24 hrs after being opened, or must I eat them all at once?  Trying to get an
> idea for food I need to carry for a 9 day hike (8 dinners), and what it'll
> weigh.
> Sandy, 

I have the same problem since I also go solo alot.  First, although
your appetite may suffer on day one and two, I really..I mean really
get hungry at supper..maybe I don't munch enough during the day.
The cans of meat weigh 5.5oz and at least .5 is generally water.  So 
that's not a lot of protien for a day.  
Sometimes when it's not too hot, I open the can at lunch and have some 
with crackers ..Tuna on ritz with lemon...ham on ritz with 
mustard...chicken with ritz....
Umm..get the idea I like ritz?...even ritz crumbs..Anyway, then just
use the rest for supper. Sometimes super markets offer lids for leftover 
cat food that fit nicely on meat cans. I haven't seen any
lately so I have a small deli container with me for this purpose.
Never trust the seal..zip lock just in case...leaked tuna water is
not a smell you want all over your stuff.  Also, tuna is available
in smaller cans but it's a total rip off, price wise.
 BTW to keep ritz intact..well more so anyway...Holiday wrapping 
paper tubes are sometimes the right size...just wrap a section with 
'contact', and slip in the ritz. It's not fool proof but it helps.

Please be advised that this info does not come from a thru hiker.
BTW..nuts...are a good way to add protien to your diet.   Kahley
> Thanks,
> Sandy
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