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Re: [at-l] Favorite Breakfasts?

Phil Romans wrote:
> Ok,
>         I can get dinner down pretty good, and lunch is easy as well.
> But does anyone have ideas for trail breakfasts?  This has been my
> biggest sticking point.  I know you have to have a good breakfast to
> maintain your hiking proless, but what do you guys use?
> -=phil

Grits...grits....glorious grits!!!
Being a yankee....;-)..I'd never tried them till a few years ago.
Great all-round food because you can flavor them with anything.
For breakfast..maple or blueberry syrup, or little packets of jelly
or jam. Othertimes..with onion and bacon or cheese or meat flavor.
IMVHO...because food is such a subjective matter.  Please try this
at home first.

BTW...if there are other maple syrup junkies out there...
the Voice of the Mountains Winter Catalogue
offers powered maple.  Mix this stuff 1 to 3 with hot water for
syrup or just use it as is and avoid the mess.
Comes in a two lb. bag for 17.95.  Item no.16941.  Keeps longer
than it will last. 
Phone number  1-802-362-2400 Lots of neat ole' timey stuff.  Kahley
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