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[at-l] Re: Trail breakfasts

<<I can get dinner down pretty good, and lunch is easy as well.  
But does anyone have ideas for trail breakfasts?  This has been my 
biggest sticking point.  I know you have to have a good breakfast to 
maintain your hiking proless, but what do you guys use? >>

I have just discovered instant grits.  At home I like the country ham
flavored, or butter flavored grits.  I add salt, pepper, a sprinkling of
grated cheddar, and a dash of hot sauce.  I think during the colder months of
my hike I will carry a bag of grated cheddar in my food stash, as it is
pretty good on lots of stuff.  At home I use Mexican hot sauce but on the
trail I carry the tiny bottle of tobasco sauce from the MRE's.  Some people
like grits with sugar.  Also, I have dehydrated apricots which are very
nutritious.  Usually I just eat them as is on the trail, but for the 1st part
of my thru hike when the mornings are chilly, I'm thinking about stewing them
and adding a sprinkling of sugar.  In the warmer months I have the same
problem with breakfasts.  I munch on banana chips but get tired of them - pop
tarts are ok but they crumble, chocolate-almond biscotti are great if I can
find them in the grocery stores near the trail.  Lunch is the meal I have the
most trouble with, so maybe you can give me some hints.

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