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Re: [at-l] Water Problem Solved

At 11:12 AM 2/3/97 PST, John O <johno@mail.monmouth.com> wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>To solve everyones questions on sleeping pad, hygienes, drinking water and
>water for cooking the answer is clear.
>Carry a water bed and fill it up each night.  You now have all your drinking
>water you'll need, enough for everyone in shelter to bath, ample supply for
>cooking lavish dishes and of course a comfortable sleeping pad.


Do you recommend filling the waterbed with filtered, or unfiltered water?
If you use filtered water, what brand of filter do you recommend?

Also, do you know a good source for ultralight waterbeds?  What does yours
weigh?  Oh, and is that weight filled, or unfilled?


-- Jim Mayer
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