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[at-l] Re: Stephenson Tents

Jennifer wrote:

>>On the subject of Stephenson tents...  how are they in terms
>>of ventilation    on a hot summer's night?

Jennifer, I just got my tent in November, so I can't really tell
you how it performs in the summer, but I opted to order a tent
with two huge windows on either side.  These mesh windows measure
at least 2-1/2'X3'1/2.  You unzip the inside metallic colored liner
and then unzip the exterior fly.  If it's raining, you can extend
the fly out like an awning.  When it's not raining, flip the
fly up over the tent and you can get in some pretty good star
viewing.  I can't imagine a tent having a much better ventilation
setup than this.

"Solophile"  GA-->ME  '97
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